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Nov 1, 2012 5:00am EDT
>> how is it looking today? >> much better, but we are still having hurricane sandy. it is taking a long time to dissolve. it is pretty chilly out there. we have 49 degrees in downtown baltimore and 44 in keene's bill. looking at the forecast for today, high temperatures only in the mid-50s's, and it is going to feel colder, gusting at about 20 miles per hour. again and maybe just a little bit of a sprinkle in the western suburbs. we will continue to talk about this in the forecast. are the roads shaping up? >> let's check some closures. on hartford road, and at 152 at singer wrote, so far so good in terms of speed sensors not thinking of a lot. we are making our way towards 795. we are at 55 miles per hour. if you are going to travel further south, 54 miles per hour. 95 checks out ok. let's give you a live view of traffic. so far so good now on the major roadways. we will let you know if anything crops up. that is the latest. >> city police are dealing with several different incidents in the last 12 hours, including a shooting that happened just after midnight in north baltimore.
Oct 30, 2012 5:00am EDT
for 11 news today. >> many residents are waking up in the dark this morning after sandy makes landfall. >> more than 209,000 b.g.e. customers a without power. most of those outages in anne arundel county and harford county. we will be checking in with a b.g.e. spokesman in just a few minutes. so for sandy is being blamed for two deaths in maryland. a tree fell into a house in pasadena. a man was pronounced dead at the scene. >> we have complete team coverage. let's get a look at what is in store for us from tony pann. >> good morning. things are settling down. you can see it on the radar. there is the circulation around hagerstown. the wind may still be gusting. but i think the big story will be the temperatures. 43 right now at the airport. the wind chills are in the 30's. rain is likely this morning. as we go through the day, the showers will start to dissipate. there could be a few snowflakes mixed in. that is the big thing for me today. it feels like a winter day. >> one area we have been tracking has been ocean city. >> ava marie braved the elements all day yesterday. a big differ
Oct 31, 2012 5:00am EDT
. . -- sandy's math aftermath. >> officials say it all mta and metro operations are up and running. 00 outagesan 860 reported by b.g.e. >> we have been able to find a few trees downed. jennifer franciotti will have more on that coming up later this morning. people in low lying areas had to assess any damage. people are used to the flooding in some neighborhoods but are grateful that this storm wasn't as bad as isabel was. >> in comparison, this was a piece of cake. it is a bill, my basement was flooded -- in isabel, my basement was flooded. >> in comparison, this was nothing. >> there are a number of school closings this morning. >> good morning. trouble for businesses. harford county is closed because of sandy. an carroll county is opening two hours later -- and anne arundel county is opening two hours late. some schools may come back on today. baltimore county is opening on time today but there are 17 schools there without power. if you have lights today, there will be school. 10 schools without power in howard county. they made a determination to make sure their clothes. baltimore c
Oct 29, 2012 5:00am EDT
in anticipation of hurricane sandy. they are scrolling at the bottom of the screen all morning and on our website >> we have live team coverage of hurricane sandy as it moves up the atlantic coast. we will go to tony pann. >> a little bit of breaking news. it is getting stronger. last hour sustained winds 75 miles an hour. a plane went into it and discovered stained winds at 85 miles an hour so a category one but getting stronger. you see the bottom right ha-han corner the circulation. about 250 to 300 miles east-southeast of ocean city and moving north. so it won't come up the chesapeake bay and that is good news. we were concerned about that a couple of days ago but it looks like it will come onshore in new jersey. we could see heavy rain on the eastern shore counties right now with lighter rain in the with respect suburbs. at the airport you see winds are not terrible around baltimore. north wind eight up to about 20 miles an hour gusting. they will pick up this morning and this afternoon. the worse part of the storm will be this afternoon and this evening. by the time we get t
Nov 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
are pulling bodies out of water. d.c. the disconnect here? >> the pain from sandy still fresh. >> forecasters say another winter storm is already heading this way and could be here well before the power is back on next week. >> gov. martin o'malley was in western maryland during garrett county. most local roads are still impassable there. the main concern is getting help to senior citizens, the sick, and the disabled. fema has temporarily moved its headquarters out west to respond to the problems there. >> nbc will host a telethon for the victims of sandy. it will be hosted by matt lahar with performances by billy joel, bon jovi and more. it airs tonight at 8:00 in the it right here. all the money raised will go to the american red cross relief. >> 41 degrees at the airport. people up and down the east coast are picking up the pieces following hurricane sandy. >> this is the scene after a recent storm in ohio. one mother said she made the right decision at the right time when we cover the nation. >> a live look at traffic. i-95 north of 195. with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder re
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5